Procureur Mermoud kills four a month

Procureur Eric Mermoud of Lausanne, Switzerland,  closed down the successful Bussigny cancer clinic with 8 police; he terrorised the 4 female staff for ten hours. They were so traumatised none could work for six months afterwards.

The clinic was saving the lives of 4 terminal stage 4 cancer patients a month, so  Mermoud is killing 48 people a year, 200 deaths so far.  He was probably acting on behalf of big pharmaceutical corporations, whose results are much worse. The clinic was saving 77% of cancer patients.

He’s had four attempts to prosecute the clinic’s company, First Immune AG, whose bank accounts he closed.

1. Firstly he was attempting to prosecute them for five deaths.  But there never were any deaths in the clinic.

The clinic used Goleic, a supplement licensed in Germany, which has no side effects. No one has ever died from Goleic, its perfectly legal, and Mermoud never had a case. He is protecting the profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations.

Mermoud seems to have picked five from the millions who have died from the poison of chemotherapy.

The clinic had a total of 70 terminal stage 4 cancer patients, all of whom were going to die, so he was told he couldn’t prosecute for people who were certainly going to die, as their deaths had nothing to do with the clinic. Embarrassingly, 77% did not die.

2.  Then he asked Swiss Medic to test Goleic, so he could prosecute for an illegal drug. After Swiss Medic put it through laboratory tests, they said there was nothing illegal in vials of Goleic, so he couldn’t prosecute for that.

3.  Then he tried to prosecute for running a cabinet de medecin without a license. But First Immune has an email from their lawyers stating that the Office de la Sante Publique told them that, as they had less than 4 doctors, they don’t need a license. So he couldn’t prosecute them for that.

4. His last attempt was that for a year now he has been pretending to prosecute them for fraud, on the basis they got patients in, charged them money (usually one third of what other clinics charge) and gave them nothing, ie, they failed to treat them and were committing fraud.

His problem there is they sent 77% of the terminal stage 4 cancer patient home recovering, with average 25% tumour reductions in a week, the best cancer result in Swiss history.

So what he will do is nothing. He will leave the clinic closed, their bank accounts closed, and they will never get justice. Nor will their patients be able to have huge improvements to their lives in Switzerland.

Nearly four years after the raid, First Immune have still not been allowed even to present their case. They will probably never be allowed to.

The Swiss legal system is a disgrace. A Procureur can abuse his position, destroy and kill, and no one can stop him. Swiss lawyers are powerless against them.

Procureur Eric Mermoud appears to be in the pay of big pharmaceutical corporations, and a corrupt killer. He is unfit to hold public office, and should be fired, or forced to resign.

Prosecuting the Procureur for manslaughter would be justice. But under the appalling Swiss legal system, that can’t happen.